Welcome to Dance Attack FM - we are an internet radio station broadcasting from Gloucester in the UK.

Since March 2013 we are dedicated to streaming “All the best electronic dance music ever created on planet earth”.

Whether it’s Classic Trance, Techno, HandsUp, Progressive House, Psytrance or just great dance music you will find it here.

We stream using the mp3 format at 192kbps for much better than CD quality sound from servers in the UK.

Our music is fully copyright licensed for internet broadcasting through PPL and PRS.

Tune in to Dance Attack FM on your pc, mobile phone, tablet or ipod and join a worldwide community of EDM lovers.

Access us through our website, TuneIn Radio, iTunes, Shoutcast and a huge number of other internet radio databases.

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All this can be accessed through website links at www.danceattack.fm



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